Body Welding Solutions

BIW (Body In white) Body Welding Lines is the main Competency of Faith. Here Faith provides Turnkey Solution having all the expertise under one roof. Faith has one of the best teams for Robot Simulation with Offline Programming (OLP) using robust software’s such as Process design Process Simulate(PDPS) and Robcad. The robotics team are well-equipped and trained to handle multiple types of robots like Fanuc, KUKA, Kawasaki, Yasakawa, Panasonic and Nachi, to name a few.
Faith’s Automation Team has expertise in working with different PLCs like Mitsubishi, Allen Bradley, Siemens, Omron and Toyopuc. Also has experience of operating in different safety categories (like safety category 1 to 4) and has enabled to conform to various safety standards & requirements. Faith provides automation in both hardwired relay logic as well as softlogic by using safety PLC.

Robotic Spot Welding Lines

Faith Automation has executed more than 100 projects in the Robotic Spot Welding for BIW. In case of High Volumes with Cycle time from 45 seconds to 120 seconds, Faith has supported its Customers with multiple lines like:
• Engine Compartment • Front Floor • Rear Underbody • Underbody Line • Side body LH/RH Line • Roof • Main Body Line • Closures

Manual Spot Welding Lines

Faith Automation provides complete Bodyshop solution for Manual Spot Welding Lines, for low volumes/low JPH (jobs-per-hour-rate) requirements. Faith design team takes utmost care of operator ergonomics (like loading height, reach, gun orientation and handling) as well as fatigue, while designing these manual welding fixtures/jigs. Individual small PLC’s are considered for Jig operation, part presence & Pokayoke for controlling multi model multi variants.

Robotic MIG Welding Lines

MIG welding is one of Faith’s strong competencies, where robotic MIG welding solutions are offered, mainly for Chassis & Underbody safety assemblies like Rear Axle – RTB, Sub Frames – FCM, Lower Cross Arm – LCA & Front or Rear Bumper mounting Assemblies. The team has many years of experience in executing MIG Welding Projects and possess advanced skills in the robotic MIG welding lines. As a result of this, the team can achieve best results with good penetration PIST quality & minimum distortion. The robotics team at Faith have the experience of working with different combinations of robots and welding sources like Fanuc + Lincoln, KUKA + Fronius, Panasonic etc

Roller Hemming – Closures

Faith has supplied Turnkey lines/cells for Closures (Front Door LH/RH, Rear Door LH/RH, Hood, Tail Gate/Trunk Lid), starting with Inner Welding Cells, Outer Sealing Jigs, Pre-Hem/Pre-Marriage Jigs, Hemming (Roller Hemming and Press Hemming), after Hem Welding and Hinge Fitment. A highly experienced team at Faith supports customers by providing input on Hem Flange length and opening angle to get best hemming quality.