Engineering Services

Faith Automation has the best talent pool available in India with engineers in the Design Department for Process Planning & Design, in the Automation Department for Controls Design & PLC Programming and engineers in the Robot Simulation Dept. With the help of such an experienced team, Faith Automation provides turnkey solutions in Engineering Services in the field of BIW Body Welding Lines.

Process Planning

Involves complete body shop planning with the layout, logistics, panel build/flow chart, weld spot selection / distribution, clamping plan / location plan, cycle time study & operator ergonomics study.

3D Design

Involves designing jigs/fixtures, robot grippers and other Equipments as per the process plan, required in the BIW welding lines. Team conducts internal design reviews to optimize the design in terms of its Panel Location, Clamping, weld accessibility, operator ergonomics and quality. It involves interacting with the Robot Simulation Engineers for Robot reachability with minimum repositions. Finally, its role is in conducting DAP with customer for getting approvals to create manufacturing drawings.

Robot Simulation
with Offline Program (OLP)

Faith Team supports its Customers in Selection of Robots based on the payload and reachability. The team creates optimized Robot cell in terms of the layout space. It creates a robot path, interacts with the design team for any modifications and after finalization, creates OLP (Offline Robot Program) for quick installation of line.

Controls Design

The automation team at Faith starts their work on any project from the Controls Design, as per the standards and requirements of the customers. They also create pneumatic circuits for Jigs/Fixtures and get it approved by the customer in DAP, along with Controls drawing.

2D Detailing & BOM Preparation

After getting customer approvals on the 3D Designs, Faith Team creates manufacturing drawings with the BOM (Bill of Material). Also, Team supports its customers with CNC Patch Data / IGES models of NC Blocks preparation for manufacturing, inspection data & inspection sheet preparation and preparation of cylinder and sensor sheet (Pneumatic Circuit diagram & Sensor Logic Matrix)

PLC Offline Programming

The team at Faith has many years of experience working with multiple customers. They can work on different PLC’s like Mitsubushi, Allen Bradely, Siemens, Omron, Keyence & Toyopuc (for Toyota only). This team works in collaboration with the design & simulation team to check all logics, interlocks and zoning for robots, to achieve less time for Installation & integration on site.


Based on Process Planning input & Customer Plant Layout, Faith Layout Engineers create a complete Project layout showing all the Equipments, panel flow, Logistics, utilities like power, air & water distribution, safety Equipments position along with the safety fence & cable trays. They also support Customers by providing separate layouts for utilities, safety & marking layout for installation purpose.