Material Handling

Faith Automation’s USP is in Bodyshop projects, as a Turnkey solution provider along with Welding Lines for BIW, Faith has developed Transfer Lines like Lift & Shift Shuttle Line or Skid & Roller Bed line for transferring Underbody or Mainbody from one station to next station. Faith has also developed Buffer Conveyors & Scissor lifts required in BIW body welding lines.

Shuttle Conveyors
Lift & Shift Transfers Line

Lift and Shift Shuttle Conveyors are Transfer Lines, used to transfer a body from one station to the next. Following which, the empty shuttle returns back to the first station. In this system, there is no skid/pallet which is required to travel throughout the line. All transfers happen at the same time as the line is connected.

Skid/Pallet Transfer System
with Roller Bed

BIW Underbody or Mainbody on Skid/pallet, transfer through roller beds are widely used transfer systems in body shop. In this kind of system, the skid is first loaded onto the first station, then the body is loaded onto it. The skid would ideally carry the body from the first station up until the last station, where the body would be unloaded and skid would return to its start position. This is a flexible system where the in between station transfers can be managed independently.

Buffer Conveyors
Belt Type & Gravity Type

Buffer Conveyors are important equipments in the body shop process. They are planned between two lines as contingency. In case of the first line breaking down, the production would not stop and will continue using the buffers. Belt type Buffer Conveyors operates using wide Belts & the Body/Sub Assembly is resting on the belt. The belt is driven with the help of a motor & gearbox. It is considered to be a low height equipment. Gravity type Buffer Conveyors works on the concept of gravity, hence there is saving of energy. However, the pallet used for body /sub assembly will have to return again by gravity, hence the height of the equipment is rendered to be tall.

Scissor Lift

Scissor Lifts are used for lifting the body to higher height. Faith has put many efforts in developing this equipment. It has understood the Customer requirements of production & maintenance. Due to motor & scissor action, body can be lifted to higher heights using less ground space.