Prototype Support

Faith Automation delivers complete solution for Proto Body Shops. Solutions starting from designing and manufacturing of simple welding fixtures to weld bodies/assemblies and delivering to Customers, as per their requirements. At Faith, confidentiality of a project/customer is of utmost importance, having multiple entry/exit for the shop floor. The organization strictly maintains the confidentiality of the Proto project.

Simple Fixtures for
Proto Body Making

The design team at Faith has an experience of designing simple & minimum welding fixtures to build Proto Bodies. These welding fixtures are operated in multiple stages in order to build the proto body/assembly. The multiple stages are designed by using simple changeover or drop-out units, which makes it highly cost-effective.

Weld Guns for
Proto Body Making

The team at Faith has an experience of building proto bodies/assemblies using minimum weld guns. The highly-skilled design team has the capability of selecting a combination of weld gun arms replaceable on couple of weld gun bodies. This leads to a major cost-saving on the project.

Demarcated Facility for Confidentiality

Faith Automation can demarcate the area with control on access for the confidentiality of prototype projects, as the plant comprises of mutiple entries and exit doors.

Proto Body
Assembly Making & Supply

Faith Automation houses an experienced team of professionals and a well-equipped facility to support the making of prototype bodies/assemblies. Having an in-house Inspection Facility, the organization delivers Proto Bodies/assemblies after conducting thorough quality checks.